The Wisdom Within Each Moment

Bringing Thai and Lily Home

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If we let it, the Universe will provide us with whatever we need and whatever we really want. I’m pretty sure about this after we brought Thai and Lily home two years ago. When Ben and I discussed how to go about getting our new kitty friends there were some things that were a given. I was in boy Siamese withdrawal and had to have another one. We also wanted a little girl since it had been a while without one in our lives. So the boy would be another Seal Point Siamese like J.C., Pierre, Michelle, and Robin. I had a dream about the girl. I saw a little, almost completely white face with a very pink nose. I knew she would be ours. We felt we needed to contact a breeder for the boy since we specifically wanted a full blooded Siamese but the little girl would be a “shelter cat” like our Ariel and Rosebud before her. Ben called a number from the newspaper that was advertising Seal Point babies for sale. We thought the boy would be hardest to find so we started with him first. For a week he got no answer and there were no other breeders listed. Finally on a Friday night we decided to go to the pet store where a humane society had adoptable cats. Maybe we’d have better luck there finding our girl. I could have taken them all home. But there was only one who fit the description that was still in my head. She was a little older than I’d wanted but…There was one other kitten that drew my attention. She was snoozing in a hammock inside her cage. She had really big ears but what I could see of her nose it wasn’t pink. We came close to bringing the older cat home but at the last minute it just didn’t feel right. We came home empty handed. The next morning Ben called the breeder one last time and they answered! The newspaper had put the wrong number in the ad. So we drove to see the kittens. They were Siamese but not Seal Points – although their parents were. There was a Blue Point grandfather in the mix and all of the kittens but one little girl were very light. And they had long hair. It wasn’t what I wanted but one little guy who was climbing the couch and bellowing at the top of his lungs caught my eye. We brought him home. He passed out in the carrier so we left him alone and went back to the pet store to get the cat we saw the night before. She was gone! But that kitten I’d seen with the ears was still there and her ears were awfully pink. They got her out and she played and played and purred and purred and…we brought her home that day too. When the infection in her nose cleared up – you guessed it – there was my little pink nose. These cats were not what I wanted, not what I planned. They are perfect for us.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide“, co-author of “Tarot Meditations, A Journal for Self Discovery“, and author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment

Author: Lessons: The Wisdom Within Each Moment

Teresa Sue McAdams’ articles have appeared in various newsletters, publications and blogs. Her book, “Lessons: The Wisdom Within Each Moment” was published in 2012. She teaches classes on meditation, spirituality and tai chi and has been an intuitive counselor for over thirty five years. Teresa’s undergraduate work was in journalism and psychology and she earned a doctorate in 2006. She has sought answers all of her life and sometimes sees them in every ordinary moment. Teresa lives across the river from Louisville, Kentucky with her husband, Ben and four cat friends, Thai, Lily, Melody and Oz.

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